Sunday, September 23, 2007

Treasure Island Music Festival

On the 15th, a bunch of us headed out to see some good tunes on Treasure Island. As always, the views were gorgeous, and even more so due to the day's perfect weather. Getting there brought back memories of rehearsing with the Renegades.

The day was also an opportunity to put my new little Sony phone/camera/walkman/etc to some good use.

Gotan project was very cool. They showed us dorky Americans what a little modern global perspective can do for a classic form of latin music. Ghostland Observatory was a trip. I hadn't heard of them until that day, and then my buddy Jimmy was DJ'ing them at 540 club only a week later... small world. Of course, the favorite was the headliner; Thievery Corp.

Kim and B on the shuttle

My long-time, very good friend Carlee and me with the lemon face.

Kim and Carlee

B and his neighbor's buddies who's names I can't remember. Rob, help me out here.

DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist. Jammin.

Me, B, and Niel

Thievery Corporation

A big ferris wheel overlooking the stages and the bay. Very cool.

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